About AUT

The genesis of AUT, (Association of University Teachers) in 1946 is owing to the work of Professors, Appandai Jain, A. Ramaswamy Gounder and M.K. Shanmugam. They were the founding fathers who styled it after the organization in U.K. You can find the acronym as an entry in Concise Oxford Dictionary even today.


The lofty objectives of the founders has founded its fulfillment in the existence of a vibrant organization even after sixty five years. They are its democratic structure, voluntary participation, transparent functioning, a political character and a bias towards teacher/student welfare and academic pursuit.


Though initially it had membership in areas which are now in Andra Pradesh and Kerala (Kavali/Palghat). But constant changes in jurisdiction has restricted its functioning in the aided colleges of Madras, Thiruvalluvaar, Periyar, Bharathiyar and Bharathidasan University Jurisdiction.


The AUT is federated with MUTA, TNGCTA and TANTSAC at State Level and is an affiliate of AIFUCTO at National Level which in turn is an affiliate of FISE at International level.


Between 1970 and 2022 the AUT has launched teachers movement in several colleges to secure better service conditions for teachers and at State and National level to secure batter wages.


The AUT is guided by the principles of secularism inclusive education for the people of India. It stands for the right to education for all people. It is decided by opposed to commodification of higher education. It opposes attempts of the state to ‘wash its hands off’ higher education by euphemistic phrases such as “ non utility”, “individual advancement outweighs social benefits” etc. It envisages a holistic at secular education, protection of minorities rights in education, education for the socially and educationally backward sections and economically weaker sections. The AUT is an organization that will stand for just and fair available and inclusive education at all levels.